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Anonymous asked:
You seem so happy now, and that makes me so happy for you. You deserve all the love and joy in the world. Have a great week :)

Awww gosh thank you so much. I am really happy. I have a lot of good jobs, my family life is going well. Well besides with my dad but that’s a given. and my girlfriend brings me more joy than I  ever thought possible. I am so happy with her and I finally feel safe and accepted. I just really like where my life is going. 

Thank you lovely, You have a wonderful week yourself. <3

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Anonymous asked:
what did you think the jk stood for instead of ''just kidding'' ??

someone from my past used to call me jk cuz its my initials. it was just a nickname of mine in hs. I was just hoping that wasnt the case.

Anonymous asked:
It's nice how much you defend your girlfriend. She's an extremely lucky person

aw thank you. ^-^ thats very sweet for you to say that. trust me tho, I’m the lucky one. ♡

Anonymous asked:
I had to hear about how wonderful your girlfriend is but really I would be so much better to you. does she call you handsome? does she send you naked pictures to help when your horny? can she hold you? does she make you feel loved? is she always sweet and respectful? does she listen to you? does she support your troubles? I could do all this for you and I would be so glad to do it all every single day of my life. think about that jk

Okay hold up my gf is absolutely wonderful. That’s just the truth. And no, you would not be better than her. No one is. And let me tell you something, she would never talk like this about someone. I know that she likes the way I look, She doesn’t need to tell me everyday. and she doesn’t send me naked picture omf she doesn’t need to. She’s stunning and she sends me cute selfies all the time and that’s so much better. I dont expect her to serve me when I get worked up. She’s not a slave she’s my gf and I love her and I can deal with that stuff on my own. She cant hold me just yet.. but the way she did hold me so lovingly will keep me warm until I can see her again. She is always sweet of course she is. Do you think I’d be with someone who wasn’t adorable? She supports me more than anyone ever has, longer than anyone ever has. She does all this everyday and I don’t need anyone else to. I will always love her and no one will change my mind so please never send me another message again. And that jk better mean just kidding and not what I think it does.